The following is the travelling roster for the Ontario Jr. Storm U18 team that will be heading to Vancouver for the 2013 National Championship Festival.


Ontario Jr. Storm U18 Travelling Roster: Name (Club)

Amanda Beneff (Norfolk County)

Bailey Dean (Oakville Crusaders)

Bayley Vachon (Brantford Harlequins)

Brittney Whiting (Belleville Bulldogs)

Brooke Newsome (Brantford Harlequins)

Catherine Belanger (Ottawa Irish)

Charity Williams (Markham Irish)

Charlotte Dunn (Oakville Crusaders)

Colleen Irowa (Brampton Beavers)

Dorrian Khouri (Brampton Beavers)

Erin Burke (Peterborough Pagans)

Erin Geddes (Lindsay RFC)

Harlie Bein (Brantford Harlequins)

Ingrid Krausbar (Ottawa Irish)

Jordi DiNardo (Toronto Saracens)

Kaitlyn Richard (Mississauga Blues)

Kelsey Owen (Oshawa Vikings)

Maddy Seatle (Oakville Crusaders)

Makayla Albert (Peterborough Pagans)

Madison Brattan (Highland RFC)

Megan Pakulis (Toronto Saracens)

Nikki Case (Yeomen Lions)

Rita Charest (Barrie RFC)

Shelby Holland (Burlington Centaurs)

Susan Garwood (Highland RFC)

Any questions or inquiries can be directed to Team Manager Susan Heald (susan.heald9@gmail.com).


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