Rugby Ontario Junior Leagues


Rugby Ontario operates junior leagues for a variety of age grades from U8 co-ed to U14 Boys/U15 Girls. The leagues offer a variety of touch and/or flag rugby and full contact rugby. In 2011, Rugby Ontario introduced an entry fee for all teams participating in Rugby Ontario Junior Leagues. This fee has been established to fund the costs of running the junior leagues, including the end-of-year festival. Below is a fee chart for the 2013 league fees. The proceeds from the junior league fees are being directed to a fund that assists our junior representative athletes who require financial assistance to be a part of the Rugby Ontario junior representative program.

U8/U10 Leagues - $75.00 per team

U12 Co-ed - $75.00 per team

U14 Boys - $150.00 per team

U15 Girls - $100.00 per team

2013 Junior League Convenors

Vicki Woodhead
 - U15 Girls

Bob Turner
 - U14 Boys

Jeff Ellis
 - U12 Co-ed

Ravi Ponnambalam
 - U8/U10 Co-ed


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