STARTRugby is a program offered by Rugby Ontario and High Five Canada to give coaches the tools to introduce rugby to kids aged 6-12. It is divided up into two parts:

  1. High Five Sport - provides best practices for coaching kids. This course focuses on the social, emotional, and cognitive development and wellbeing of athletes. The training is based in research and has been designed to help coaches face top coaching dilemmas, such as dealing with parents, keeping the child's interest, and ensuring fair play and an emotionally safe environment.

  2. Introducing Rugby - provides session that brings kids along into the world of non-contact rugby. This is a practical session intended to teach coaches games and activities that introduce core aspects of rugby. The session uses teaching games for understanding to develop the complete game.

If you would like to arrange STARTRugby training for your club, please contact Fran Mason.

For a complete list of High Five Courses and Events held in Ontario, click here.

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