Coaching rugby is a rewarding and challenging way to spend your time. It is a great way to stay involved in the sport, while helping to nurture the next generation of players. High quality coaching is central to recruiting and retaining players, and developing the rugby skills and understanding of players at all levels. High-quality rugby starts with high-quality coaching, and Rugby Ontario is in need of more qualified coaches willing to provide their time to the sport.

Game Management Guidelines 2013

Rugby Ontario has released its 2013 Game Management Guidelines. The purpose of these guidelines are to ensure that all participants of Ontario rugby are aware of the areas of the game that require more specific coaching and/or consistency in refereeing.

The Game Management Guidelines will provide the backbone of referee and coaching consistencies in 2013 and strive to ensure that referees, players and coaches are on the same page for the betterment of the game in Ontario.


Coach Education

Coaching Courses, Certification, Evaluation, Pathway and Making Ethical Decisions


Coaching Profiles

There are many coaches that have made a huge impact on their community or province and country. In the coming months we hope to recognize many of these people by posting their profiles.

Vince Jones            Rebecca Delaney

Danny Leeson           Mike Curran

Ron Andrews              Brian Hall

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