U18 Junior Blues Sevens - 2015/2016 Schedule

Major Tournaments

Rugby Canada Age-Grade Sevens Championship - March 10-11, 2016


15 September, 2015


Rugby Ontario is pleased to announce initial details surrounding its 2015-2016 junior provincial representative sevens program.

Rugby Ontario’s junior provincial representative sevens program will undergo some major changes for the upcoming season, which will see the program develop stronger links with Ontario’s key stakeholders developing the sevens game across the province; beginning in 2015-2016, the pathway to the Rugby Ontario junior provincial representative sevens program will encompass rugby played at the branch union, club, and high school level.

Under-18 Sevens Fall Activity:

As part of this linkage, Rugby Ontario will be using branch union, club, and high school team participation in fall sevens competitions to identify players for provincial under-18 sevens teams. Rugby Ontario will have selectors present at major competitions throughout the fall months.

Provincial under-18 sevens team selections will be made in early December, following branch union participation in the annual New York Sevens tournament.

To learn more about Ontario branch union fall sevens activity, we urge players to contact the following branch union representatives:

Eastern Ontario Rugby Union
: Sonny Raina (
Niagara Rugby Union: Ian Fitzgerald (
Toronto Rugby: Khalil Ajram (

Beyond branch union and club team participation in fall sevens competitions, provincial selectors will be present at the inaugural Rugby Ontario Junior Provincial Representative Sevens Program Combine, which is slated to be held in early November. The combine will be open to all junior athletes, both rugby-specific and those outside of rugby, interested in participating in elite-level junior rugby sevens. Details for this combine will be released in the coming weeks.

Selectors will be using all of the aforementioned platforms to identify potential future Olympians.

Under-18 Sevens Winter Activity:

Rugby Ontario will select four provincial under-18 men’s and women’s sevens teams - two sides each (24 men, 24 women) - that will train regularly throughout the winter.

All four under-18 sevens teams will participate in the inaugural Rugby Canada Age-Grade Sevens Championship at the Vancouver Rugby Festival (Mar. 10-11, 2016), which will be held in conjunction with World Rugby’s international Canada Sevens tournament. 

Under-16 Sevens Update:

Rugby Canada is determining whether under-16 men’s and women’s sevens divisions will be included in the Rugby Canada Age-Grade Sevens Championship.

As details for the under-16 age grade are still being finalized, Rugby Ontario will proceed once a decision has been made at a national level.

Coaching Staff Announcement:

Rugby Ontario is pleased to announce the coaching staff for its 2015-2016 provincial under-18 sevens teams.

Under-18 Men’s Sevens Coaching Staff
Nigel D’Arce
Andrew Hall (also Rugby Ontario's Lead Sevens Coach)
Cory Hector
Paul Myers

Under-18 Women’s Sevens Coaching Staff
Becky Delaney
Sean Dunleavy
Ian Fitzgerald
Dan Valley

Coaching staff for provincial under-16 sevens teams will be announced later this season.

8 October, 2015


Rugby Ontario is happy to announce that it will be holding a sevens-specific combine in partnership with Elite Training Systems on Nov. 8 at the Pan Am Centre (16 Main Street Unionville) in Markham, Ont. This combine is open to all male and female athletes born in 1998 and 1999 (U17 and U16 age grades in the 2015 season).

Rugby Ontario is committed to identifying the next wave of athletes to represent Canada at international sevens events around the word, and to help Canada become a gold medal-winning nation at the Olympics.

One of the major metrics Rugby Ontario will be using to identify talent for rugby sevens is physical potential. Rugby Ontario believes that if we identify outstanding athletes then we must trust ourselves as a developmental program to turn that athlete into a high performance sevens player.

The Rugby Ontario Youth Sevens Combine will identify physical metrics and bench mark them against national standards. Through this testing, as well as the scouting of players through youth sevens events across the province (including branch sevens competitions, club competitions, provincial high school championships, etc.) Ontario will then select 24 male and 24 female athletes into the Ontario U18 provincial representative sevens program. These 48 athletes will then represent Ontario at the Rugby Canada Age-Grade Sevens Championship in British Columbia in March 2016.

Representatives from Rugby Ontario’s junior provincial representative sevens program will be in attendance at the combine, along with staff from Rugby Canada’s national sevens and fifteens programs.

The combine will be administered by Elite Training Systems, a nationally-renowned company that has a strong track record of running combines for organizations such as the Ontario Hockey League. Athletes such as John Moonlight (Captain, National Men’s Sevens Team; featured in the Rugby World Cup with the National Men’s Fifteens Team) regularly train with representatives from Elite Training Systems.

Rugby Ontario Youth Sevens Combine will feature the following:

Testing Battery


- Headshot
- Height
- Weight

- Vertical Jump
- Broad Jump

- Grip Strength
- Chin-Ups

- 40m Sprint
- 5-10-5 Agility

- YoYo Test


The battery of tests set out are determined as crucial for performance measurement comparisons in rugby.  If you are a good rugby player, you possess the ability to complete "x" test well.  We will not be running tests that we feel do not directly correlate to the sport of rugby sevens. As mentioned above, Rugby Ontario is seeking to identify general athletes as well as rugby players, so all combine tests will determine minimums that have to be met in order to be considered an “athlete” by Rugby Ontario Standards.

The duration of the combine will be three hours and the price to attend is $60. Athletes will complete the combine in either a morning or afternoon session (and will be notified of their start time via email prior in advance of the combine).

All athletes completing the combine will be given their score post-combine, along with a statistical breakdown of the data. These scores will also be sent to the head coaches of both the national women’s and men’s sevens programs.

Quest for Gold (OAAP) Selection Criteria

The scores from the Rugby Ontario Youth Sevens Combine will also be used as tiebreaker criteria for Ontario Athlete Assistance Program carding.


To register for the Rugby Ontario Youth Sevens Combine, you must follow the steps below using Sport Ngin as the registration tool. Please see the steps below to register.

To register and pay for Rugby Ontario Youth Sevens Combine, visit:

Step 1:
 Create a Sport Ngin account  
*  If you have registered with a Rugby Ontario club for the 2015 Season, you will already have a Sport Ngin login and password.  Please use this same login and password; you do not need to create a new account for this registration. 

Step 2:  Activate the account via the Sport Ngin email received
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Step 3:  Complete the registration and continue to shopping cart for payment.  In order to be registered, payment must be processed. Payment methods accepted: Credit Card, Debit and Paypal. 

Step 4:  You will receive an email confirmation once the registration is complete.


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