Connor Arnsby

Colton Bates

William Chandler

Daniel Cooper

Deven Deguara

Aidan Foley

Graeme Francolini

Jeremy Gamm

Ethan Hager

James Hammond

Quinn Hopkins

Joshua Ince

Connor Labbett

Jake London

Andrew Maltman

Jack McRogers

Jack Mills

Josiah Morra

Miguel-Fabian Palji

Ryan Poulter

Avery Oitomen

Jacob Orvis

Teke Rerri

Tate Ruse

Owain Ruttan

Owen Schimpl

Tremaine Shorter

Eric Shuell

Matthew Spanton

Matthew Tedford

Jonathan Thanjaratnam

Jason Thompson

Andrew Wilson

Koby Welch

Matthew Ye*

*Injured Reserve

**All athletes named to the long list will be sent a Welcome Information Package to the email address listed on their registration forms. Included in the Welcome Information Package are details surrounding the U16 Junior Blues Parents Meeting, which will take place on Thursday, June 26 at the Sport Alliance Ontario Building (Boardroom 3/4) at 6:00 p.m. For more information, Head Coach Mike Curran can be reached at michael.curran@peelsb.com


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