Ontario Rugby Clubs & Feeder High Schools

Ontario Feeder High Schools

High school is a very important age bracket for the growth of our game. Ontario high school rugby is thriving. More than 430 Ontario high schools have active rugby programs, and that number increases every year. At last count, there are at least 40 new high school programs in the past three years.

However, perhaps the most telling stat is that the number of current active high school players in Ontario both genders exceeds 24,000 – this is more than all of the rest of Canada combined.

This is an enormous demographic resource and a massive advantage for club rugby growth in Ontario, and considering that many rugby players are introduced to the game in high school, we want to harness this resource.

There are unique opportunities for Ontario rugby clubs to proactively link with schools and improve the flow of players into the club system, which is where feeder schools come into the equation.

In establishing feeder school patterns, input was requested from all clubs and branch presidents. Feeder schools are determined based primarily on geography, as well as some school/club relationships that have evolved over the years.

We are working to make this list as complete as possible. There could be other schools with rugby programs that are new, and should be added. It is important to note that some schools might be more accurately indicated as feeders for different clubs or as shared by more than one school. In some cases (such as within Toronto), there are overlapping catchment areas, since different clubs often register players from the same high school. Since it is difficult to attach these schools to particular clubs, they are listed as shared. Please advise. This is a work in progress.

For students, it is important to note that list is only a resource. You are not required by Rugby Ontario to join a specific club based on your geographic location. We only wish to facilitate the growth of the game by making it easier to approach one, or many, of our member clubs.

In the end, the hope is that member clubs will have affiliations with every Ontario high school with a rugby program, and that all Ontario high school players will be aware of club rugby opportunities and encouraged to play there.

Feeder High School Master List

Last updated May 30th, 2013.

To access the list as a Microsoft Excel worksheet, click here.

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