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Rugby Ontario Club Membership
Deadline to Submit Forms - Jan. 31, 2014

Each year, clubs in Ontario are required to apply for membership to Rugby Ontario. The cost of membership is set at the Rugby Ontario Annual General Meeting, and in 2014, the total membership fee is $150.00. The $150.00 amount consists of the $50.00 Rugby Ontario Membership fee, and the $100.00 D&O Insurance policy fee that Rugby Ontario collects and pays to Rugby Canada. The $100.00 D&O fee will be refunded to Clubs if all of the Club's Executive members are registered in other roles within the Club for the 2014 season (starting May 1, 2014). The requirement is for a club to complete the Club Membership form, along with either sending in the cheque for $150.00 or paying the dues by credit card.

Clubs who become members of Rugby Ontario area are afforded the following (but not limited to) benefits:

  • Access to the Rugby Ontario/Rugby Canada Registration program
  • Access to the Rugby Canada insurance program
  • Access to the Rugby Ontario/Branch Union leagues
  • Access to Rugby Ontario (through the ORRS) certified referees
  • Access to the National Coaching Certification Program
  • Ability to vote at Rugby Ontario General Meetings

The Rugby Ontario Club membership is a yearly membership that comes into effect the date the form and cheque are received in the Rugby Ontario office, and expires annually on Dec. 31.


2014 Club Membership Renewal Form

New Club Membership Application Form


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