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The registration season/insurance season is from May 1st to April 30th each year. It is important to make sure that clubs are only using registered players, coaches, administrators and referees, not only because it is mandatory based on the Rugby Ontario policy, but also to ensure that participants in the game are covered by insurance.

The 2014 registration dues are set and broken down below:

Important notes:

(1)    That the Minor category includes both contact and non-contact.

(2)    The U19s (born in 1995) are classified as junior players.

(3)    Players register in the category they play in, not based on age.

(4)    All Board members should be registered, even if not also playing.

(5)    A 'Master' is a player only playing in a Master's / Old Boy’s league. If the player is also playing in a senior league the player must register as a senior player.

People must register for each category that they are partaking in. However, the participant will only have to pay one fee, which will be the highest fee. (For example, if a person is a Senior Player, a Board member, and a referee, they are required to check off all three boxes on the registration form, however, they will only pay the $211.14)


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