Rugby Ontario Policies

The Rugby Ontario Operations Manual (ROOM) outlines and references all policies and procedures pertaining to the management and administration of Rugby Ontario's competitions, programs, and services.

Rugby Ontario Operations Manual
Rugby Ontario Operations Manual Bridging Document (Feb. 2016)

ROOM Forms, Relevant Documents

Rugby Ontario

Athlete Medical Information Form
Child Protection Incident Report Form
Club Membership Renewal Form
Critical Incident Protocol
Different Age Category Application Form
EAP Minimum Requirements
Exhibition Sanctioning Form
Game Sheet
Harassment Incident Report Form
Inbound Tour Approval Form
Incident Report Form
Minor Festival Club Participation Form
Minor Festival Roster Form
Mixed Gender Team Application Form
New Club Membership Application Form
Outbound Tour Approval Form
Player Loan Application Form
Player Send-Off Report Form
Privacy Policy
Provincial Representative Team Tryout Registration Form
Referee Appointments Precedence Chart
Referee Injury Protocol
Registrants' Code of Conduct
Request for Decision Form
Request for Procedure Change Form
Score Reporting Form
Selection Policy
Serious Injury Notification Form
Social Media Policy
Unruly Individuals Procedure

Rugby Canada

Camp/Clinic Sanctioning Application Form
Injury Report Form
Insurance Policy Brochure (2015)
Outbound Tour Roster Form
Refund Policy and Procedure
Request for Certificate of Insurance
Rugby Program Sanctioning Application Form
Sanctioning Guidelines
Storm/Lightning Guidelines
Tournament/Exhibition Game Sanctioning Application Form
Witness Report Form
World Rugby Clearance Form


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